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The California Federal Obama eligibility case presided over by Judge Carter was dismised after Carter had previously stated in court it would go forward to trial on Jan. 26, 2010. The judge dismissed the case for the reasons the court could not overturn the voters and the court did not have jurisdiction. Just like all the other cases, the evidence was never investigated or examined. To infer congress was to investigate this matter is putting the fox in charge of the hen house. Now obama can say out in the open I was born in Kenya and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

Courts have said the plaintiffs didn’t have standing, then who does? They have said the COLB was on the INTERNET and had been proven legit, by what governmental entity? There was no investigation into Obama’s eligibility status before the election even though there were calls for it and McCain was checked out. The courts have opted out and the congress will never look into this. We could now have a foreign born president with a willing majority party become dictator and suspend all elections to rule for life and you and I could do nothing short of revolt. Thing is they would have to get the guns. Guess what? Obama want’s them.

You look at the evidence and decide.

1) Obama has put on the internet as proof of natural born status a Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth or COLB it has been proven by many to be a fraudulent document but that is irrelevant, it is not a birth certificate and at that time Hawaii was giving out COLBS to aliens not born in this country.

2) Obama has spent over 1 million dollars and an unknown amount of taxpayer money on DOJ lawyers to fight disclosing his birth certificate, passport records, college and school records, name changes, medical records, and draft records. All have been sealed by executive order. If he is fighting so hard to hide these documents, why? where I’m from if you work to hide something it means you have done something wrong, it’s typical for kids and adults to hide what they are ashamed to show.

3)Obama talks in his book that he went to Pakistan with friends when no US passported individual could. What country’s passport did he use?

4)His name on Indonesian school records is Barry Soweto and there are no records available as to a name change. Who is he?

5)His paternal grandmother said she was present at his birth in Kenya and his maternal grandmother said he was born there too. There are no doctors, nurses, or anyone that has come forward stating they were at his birth in Hawaii.

6)The Obama administration and family members have given two different hospitals as his birth place.

7)He admitted in the Illinois Senate race he was not a natural born citizen and has a Kenyan born father that would give him dual citizenship at best. His mother was not old enough to give him citizenship if born in Kenya. Either negates natural born.

I’m sure there are people on the site and those filing court cases have more, but I came up with these as I wrote them. There seems to be real strong evidence of a conspiracy in the courts to conceal evidence and not allow the judicial system to work. Have these judges been threatened? Have they been bought off?


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