Reformed Democrats?

January 22, 2010 at 1:56 am 9 comments

by Jim/Good Ole Boy

Could the election of Scott Brown have negative effects for Republicans in the fall 2010 elections? Democrats have all of a sudden gotten religion as far as realizing their political futures were in doubt. They are acting like they are now hearing the voters. Health Care reform will now be bipartisan. The current bills may be scrapped and started anew.

The voters memory is notoriously short. If Democrats in Congress act responsively for the remainder of the year leading up to the elections, will they remember the unrestrained spending. The total disregard of more than a million protesters on the capital steps in DC. The Demonizing of the Tea Party movement that was a major force in Browns election?  It is a foregone conclusion they will revert to their old ways, after the elections in the fall if they keep the majority in the house and senate.

Will the Republicans keep up the heat? Doubtful, they have the consistency of milk toast. The Tea Party movement is the sole hope of conservatives. The Democrats behavior after the 2008 elections can not be forgotten, the debt will last long after the 2010 elections. The voters will need reminding, the lamestream media won’t.

We will need most if not all of the seats up for election to go Republican to restrain the spending and unconstitutional bills the Democrats will retry to force down our throats.We all need to be vigilant in keeping the publics memory fresh of what the Democrats did and their disregard for the public will.

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