Liberals Claim to Know Something

January 24, 2010 at 11:41 pm 10 comments

by Jim/Good Ole Boy

After watching the Sunday political TV shows I have the distinct feeling the liberals still don’t get it. When they talk about the Tea Party movement instead of belittling it they say they know what it was about and who are the people in it. They are wrong on both counts.

The liberal mouthpieces are saying that the Tea Party movement was anger about Wall Street and the big banks. It’s odd that Obama is going after those same entities at the same time. The liberals are setting up Obama as listening to the People. Well he must be deaf. They are wagging the dog. Obama is planning on taxing the banks and those costs will be passed on to their customers. The public will see through this sham.

The Tea Party movement is about out of control spending, bailouts, getting the bums out (politicians who don’t listen). Freedom from government and lower taxes. Capitalism and no Socialism. All of which the liberals can’t see or want to allow.

The same liberals claim the movement is made up of blue collar high school grads who feel misunderstood. Saying it won’t make it true, if that is what they are thinking. They apparently were never at an event the Tea Party sponsored. They are a cross section of our country. There are Doctors, business owners, factory workers, farmers, and other professionals at the events. There is a cross section of incomes, rich to poor.

The left made vile sexual jokes about the Tea Party movement, under counted and dismissed the more than one million that filled Washington DC in September 2009. The election of Scott Brown woke them up but they still are not listening. November 2010 will get their attention.


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