Obama’s State of the Union

January 28, 2010 at 11:22 pm 1 comment

By Good Ole Boy/Jim

Obama’s State of the Union address started out looking like he was going to moderate his stance with a few pledges on helping the middle class. This would be his attempt to sway voters in the November elections. I was starting to worry because the average voter has the memory of a rock. But farther on he couldn’t help but to slip back to his leftist agenda.

I lost all apprehension that the voters would be fooled. The liberals in congress and president will be pushing obamacare, Cap and Trade and doubtless amnesty for illegal aliens in the coming months. The Republican landslide is still on track. If we can only get conservative Republicans and not RINOs to win in the primaries the nation might be saved.

Will the Democrats try an underhanded attempt to pass obama care is a given. The pledges to include Republicans is mere lip service. The addition of tort reform and allowing the public to buy other states insurance could actually work and the Democrats will not have it. The trial lawyers and insurance lobby bankroll the Dems and won’t allow them.

One would think that Cap and Trade would be DOA with Climategate and more and more scientists and governments doubting the reality of  anthropogenic global warming. With global tempatures stabilizing and actually dropping, it’s time too drop the issue and rethink the reality off the largest tax increase in history.

It also will cause the loss of up to two million jobs in times of ten percent unemployment only exacerbating the problem. Obama himself has said electric rates would “skyrocket” with the passage of Cap and Trade. This would cause higher cost to tens of millions who can barely afford the rates as they are.

The majority of people in the country are against amnesty and are for a strong border. The porous border has become a national security issue. At a time of skyrocketing debt do we need millions more getting welfare and other government social spending? What does it say to all those legally trying to come to this country? With airline entry into our country becoming harder for terrorists, our Southern border will increasingly be a better option for them to gain entry. We need troops and barrier fences.

You can see obama’s thoughts about illegall immigration by his placement of Sotomayor on the Supreme Court. She was on the board of La Raza. It is for amnesty and free medical care for them. La Raza is also for the return of California, Arizona, and New Mexico to Mexico which could make her a traitor, but that is another can of worms.

You can tell a skunk by it’s stripes and a liberal by inability to change. The Democrats are trying to destroy our country but are ending up destroying their party. The November 2010 elections are still going Republican. Let’s hope liberalism dies with the Democrats election hopes.


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