The Superbowl of Wasting Taxper’s Money

February 7, 2010 at 10:44 pm 12 comments

By Good Ole Boy

The government figured out another way to waste taxpayer money. With a out of control national debt, 2.5 Million for Superbowl commercials is only a drop in the bucket, but why spend the money in such a stupid way?

First the spots were in one of the highest cost spots of the year. They could of been in spots at a fraction of the cost about 99% of the rest of the year.
Secondly why have them at all? Everyone knows the census is this year and it isn’t rocket science to fill them out.
Thirdly the commercials were inane with one I saw not making any sense.

Wasting money must be a full time job for the administration and that is a job that needs eliminating. With Porkulus jobs costing $250,000 per job, the money could of payed for 6 jobs, better spent that way than on stupid commercials.


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