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For the best part Americans from all walks of life work hard, rear their families, are honest, faithful, and expect the same from fellow Americans, and those they have elected to represent them. Time is of short supply, so we rely on the integrity of our representation in Congress, and there lies the problem. Our Congress enacts laws that bureaucrats have written at the behest of the lawmakers.

Bureaucrats are people, who are appointee’s or hired. We do not know if they are politically left, right, or center, consequently the language and intent of their scribes are often very much Un American, along with the fact, “We the People” have not elected them which is an essential element.

A perfect example of this was the Health Care Bill; very few people in Congress were aware of what the bill contained. Speaker of the House Ms. Pelosi made the statement “We will have to wait until it is signed into law then we will find out.” Fellow Americans finding out after it is law is always too late. Finally America, you are being made aware, that the fears, which so many harbored about this legislation, are true.

The answer to this problem is to pass a law, requiring every member of Congress to read and understand each bill. (accomplished on both the floor of the House and the Senate ) A bill would not move forward unless all members of House and Senate were present.(A member of Congress could only be excused by sickness or death.) Posting of the proposal for public viewing, three weeks prior to the vote, would be mandatory. This would accomplish much.

First, bills would be very clear, (you’re Representative, and Senators are too lazy, or would rather not take the time to decipher missives that are long, and complicated.)

Secondly, I am sure there are still some in Congress; who have a conscience, and after reading, the legislation would be unable to vote, for the unconstitutional portions, on moral grounds.

Third, the American people would have a better grasp of the erosion of the Constitution, and the God-given rights they stand to lose.

We need to understand, history has taught us that, Bureaucracies; that are not controlled, will be self aggrandized, and dishonest rather than being a service to the citizens. Our approach to elected officials from all parties is to demand a bill be drawn up, and implemented, or they will not be elected.

May God Bless Our Troops, you are in our prayers.

Interesting Quotes:

“It is hard to imagine today, but a hundred years ago bureaucracy meant something positive.” David Osborne/Ted Gaebler.

“We have an illness, which bids fair to play havoc with us; this illness is called bureaumania.” a fifth form of Government that is called “bureaucracy.” Jean Claude Vincent de Gournay.


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