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June 3, 2010 at 2:07 pm 2 comments

America I Love you

The last 45 days have given pause for thought, as to where the common- sense values lie in those who are supposedly running our Country. In my humble opinion, the moment the oil catastrophe happened in the gulf; the powers to be should have swung into action, and called in every resource of humankind, and asked for ideas and help. There are many people in the oil industry, many in academia, and many in other walks of life, who have knowledge and expertise, and by joining forces would have been able to handle the situation in conjunction with BP. Yet we find ourselves in a situation where the Administration all but ignored the situation for the first two weeks. Letting the company involved, in this case BP, to manage the state of affairs, it had created.

Top officials, including our President went on vacations. (I understand the President is in touch 24/7 but the image of oil pouring out toward our Nation, and a President on Vacation, golfing ….not good.) Of course, if we look a little closer we can see that political donations to our sitting President given by BP were quite substantial. I am well aware many politicians on both side of the aisle accept money from oil companies, all are culpable. President Obama has been accepting money from BP since his Senate days, and continued to do so while running for the Presidency.

I am sure that President Obama and his re-election campaign could use all donations that would be forthcoming from previous donors, however that should not have had any affect on his attitude toward BP. When this is over, I know we will be entertained with wondrous accounts on what was going on behind the scenes, how they were in charge, which is easy after the fact. Yet common- sense tells us that the citizens like to be informed as the story unfolds. The latest news to come forth from this administration during this crisis, another energy Tax, what’s new, never let a crisis go to waste. In the meantime, Louisiana’s Governor Jindal has been begging for a permit; to construct a barrier to protect Louisiana’s reefs…….. To date no response. You have to ask why any administration would delay permits that would allow States to protect shorelines, reefs,and beaches.This issue is one that should be investigated. By the way where are you enviromental groups? I do not hear you.  Protecting the Citizens and the State of Louisiana is Governor Jindal’s sworn duty. I cannot imagine why States rights would not take precedent over Federal Authority.

On to the Congressman Sestack debacle, I am sure that I suffer from spurts of naivety, but why would a sitting Congressman (paid well) running for a US Senate seat against an incumbent who had the label of a turncoat (Congressman Sestack had an excellent chance of winning) give all of that up for a non- paying job on an advisory board????…..First blush, it was one meeting, for President Clinton to ask the question, now it seems there are memo’s accounting for three approaches to Congressman Sestack. Such transparency is more than I can absorb. Common sense tells me something is wrong with this picture. Once again, the administrations arrogance has over ridden Common- sense.

Finally, Israel, when the world saw the indifferent attitude that President Obama and his Administration, showed toward Israel, it was an open invitation for our enemies to become emboldened, and aggressive. The World watches, their perception is one of a weak America. The United Nation (such an impotent organization) fell over them selves to castigate Israel, AGAIN, along with whining calls to punish Israel, from the Worlds Greatest Despots. We should remember that most of the world, only understands “DON’T TREAD ON ME.” History has made it quite clear, holding hands and having a sing along does not work. Common-sense, read your history books

I started out by asking ,Where was the common- sense factor? For all the Ivy League schools and the top- notch colleges that are respected and have yielded distinguished scholars, Common-sense takes precedent over much of what these institutions produce. In Our community, we have a gentleman named Herman Cain, a man who came from humble beginnings. He often quotes his beloved Grandfather, who came from even more humble beginnings. Herman Cain is man who became President and CEO of Godfather Pizzas, and since moving from that position has gone on to do many other things ….. He is so full of common sense, I want to scream, Congress take a leaf out of his book, I believe our Congress, and this Administration, along with those who embrace the Beltway Political view, have replaced common-sense  with arrogance. Maybe we should look for common-sense qualities when we VOTE. Novel idea? maybe not.

Thank you as always to our Brave Military and those who serve. Patriots of this Nation appreciate you


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Israel Against the World How True is This

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  • 1. paleryder  |  June 3, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    This is exactly what you get when a failed community organizer is sitting in the whitehouse and the enemies of America occupy the halls of congress. You can find stronger,bolder and much more effective leadership at a girl scout cookie table. This administration and those of his party are a complete embarrassment to America and a disgrace of epic proportions.

  • 2. jacquiefhurlbut  |  June 3, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    You said it so well , Part of me says he is out of his league ,but I also fear he has handlers, who are playing the American Taxpayer to the hilt, kind of scary


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