Flag Day She is a Grand Old Flag

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                America…. I LOVE YOU

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When I speak to people in foreign countries, they are always amazed at the pride we have in our American Flag. We display our flag not necessarily for an occasion, or given day, but the fact that we love it, and all it stands for. Think about it? how many other nations have flagpoles in their yards, or flags hanging from their homes, unless they are celebrating something specific. People in England are afraid to fly the flag of St George or the Union Jack because it might offend someone. The mere act of flag activity takes thought, time, and consideration. I thank God we still have the freedom to do each of these. I would venture to say that those who criticize our flag,…. or have a poor image of America do so with an enviable mind set. Many of them strive to emulate our quality of life, arriving for Medical care, Education, Business opportunities, Entertainment and good old American know how. Of course, there are those who live here who are embarrassed, and feel guilty of America’s success and our stature in the world. I would suggest they leave.

Flying our flag is a worth while daily responsibility. There are many who would have us believe, that to expound the virtues of our nation is somewhat corny. What utter nonsense. Many tend to want to apologize for America’s greatness, especially this Administration. Yet these same elitist’s tout their own accomplishments, which are often, quite trivial compared to our fore fathers and the following generations that gave blood sweat, and tears. We need to remember the sacrifices of those who came before us, and be willing to protect our Liberties, and Freedoms, for future Generations. Paying heed to our flag is a constant reminder, as we go about our busy days.

Challenge at every avenue, those that would do or say negative things about our Nation, our flag, or our way of life…I understand First Amendment rights, freedom of speech, but with political correctness constantly rearing its ugly head, we have been silenced in our rebuttal. Arm yourself with facts…do not let the naysayers intimidate us into silence. This is our Nation, we can disagree politically; but at this stage it would appear that the I HATE AMERICA crowd has the soapbox; we need to stand up and be counted. Wave your flag , spout the Constitution, remind people of the sacrifices made, not only those who made the sacrifice, but their famillies left behind to grieve

It is the time to stand tall and extol our Grand Old Flag…. I leave you with this video.



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