Pollution of Words and Control of the Citizen

June 19, 2010 at 10:09 am Leave a comment

Reading the dictionary is of immense pleasure. I know that many people might consider reading a dictionary quite different; For me it has been a life-long habit . Quite often, I carry a dictionary with me when I travel, and it comes in use, in case of delays; also, it is a change from the normal read. It is remarkable how words have been hijacked, polluted, and used to communicate an entirely different meaning or context, than the unique use that was originally intended. Then there are the vulgar words that people use to express themselves, and finally words that are so overused that they have lost their effectiveness Perfect examples are as follows.


Liberal: From the Latin word liber, translation free. Yet the use of the word today is associated with a left-wing ideology that is so far from being free, and in essence curbs our freedom at every turn.

Gay: A word whose primary interpretation is “joyful” “carefree” later it did have a sexual connotation, example Gay Nineties. In the 20th century, it has been used to describe homosexuality (much to the Chagrin of many of my friends who are not enamored by being referred to as gay.)

Racism: Use of this word for every dispute or disagreement of an issue, has rendered the translation hollow and meaningless; in the past one would take heed at the use of this term. Today it is like water on a ducks back, and those who have decimated the word should be ashamed.

Progressive: Interpretation, Interested in new ideas, findings or opportunities, and yet the left wing/ Democrats, when using this term, spout regressive dogma based upon socialism, and regurgitate known failed policies.

Traditional: Meaning, established, time honored, customary, conventional, American Exceptionalism. In the left wing mind set the inference, or innuendo are that traditionalist’s, are racist, backward, uneducated and in general are not likeable people.

Discriminate: I do this every time I make a purchase. I discriminate when I select who my friends will be on Facebook. I discriminate against lazy people. Yet once again, the left wing / democrats rear their ugly heads under the guise of political correctness, throwing this term around, in order to silence us.

There are so many other words too numerous to list. The greater evil to all of this, is a trend that we see from the left wing Democrats. We must understand, that beyond words that they have been programmed, to use for intimidation tactics (through talking points from the Democrat party.) They have the same agenda for the Constitution and Laws of our land, regardless of whether it is through the EPA, Justice Dept, State Dept, or any other Government agency. The approach, is to twist and turn everything to their advantage, and when questioned, spew their rhetoric. Hoping to make us uncomfortable, in order to silence us, therefore, allowing them to continue with their devious agenda. We need to challenge them at every turn, every conversation,every encounter, and every bill that is up for review… Do not let their onslaught go unanswered. Challenge, Challenge, Challenge, In any way you can. It is our DUTY, along with VOTING. We have a Government controlled by the left wing of the Democrat party, which is totally out of touch with the American People, and only we can fix it . Unless we take up the mantle for America, all will be lost.

May God watch over and protect our Military, as they serve to protect us.


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