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June 26, 2010 at 4:35 am 2 comments

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msliberty_animatedMr. President This may come as a surprise to you but we Americans enjoy having a position in the World arena. Yes, we certainly do. What is more, we deserve to be recognized for all our hard earned dollars that our elected officials have voted to confiscate from, each pay check, each savings account, each inheritance, each service that we pay for, the list is never ending. This is our money that you and the Congress have decided to redistribute (usually with no strings attached) and, yes Mr. President, I want people to say thank you to all of us that have worked our backsides off, to enable you to be generous. In retrospect Mr. President, I would like you to say thank you to all of us.
Let us discuss your job performance, when you were hired; you commited that we would have a much enhanced foreign policy. (I think you inherited a pretty decent situation, although envy created resentment from around the World, they always trusted us, more than they trusted other countries). So far, I have seen you bow before heads of Foreign Countries. I have heard you criticize my America while you were on foreign soil. I have heard you berate former Presidents in the public arena, along with constantly blaming them for your lack of policymaking. (You should thank the Lord for having a whipping dog in the name of President George W. Bush)

So far, you have been able to isolate our staunchest allies of many years, Israel, Great Britain, Australia is not far behind. Thanks to you, French President Sarkozy is appearing as a tough World Statesman. Many of our Arab “friends” (they need us) are disgusted with you. Even they do not speak ill of their own people (tribes) and, they see your behavior as a great moral evil.

We have a dire financial situation in this Nation, I am not sure I understand all the ramifications but; I do know that I have never seen Americans so dismayed, with our elected officials. I understand that you and your family need recreation, but did you have to spend all those millions taking your wife on a date night to New York. Do you really have to play so much golf while the Gulf suffers (your administration criticized Tony Hayworth for going to the Isle of Wight, to race his Yacht. I might note he was not on the taxpayer’s dime.)

This pass week we have had turmoil in our Military, yes I believe in the chain of command, but we cannot lose sight of the facts in this matter. Our troops are suffering, trying to fight a war with one hand tied behind their back. General McChrystals remark was inappropriate, as was his interview with Rolling Stones (granted by the Pentagon.) His words need to be heeded, the larger picture is your Administration’s mishandling of Afghanistan via the civilians you selected to be involved. These individuals engaged in petty behavior and in doing so created unnecessary additional loss of lives in our Military.

I think your actions would be easier to bear if your rhetoric was not about how you care for the average American, while living a life of largess. By all accounts, you have parties, not necessarily for heads of State, but for your cronies, which is fine, but in these difficult times, they should not be at the taxpayer’s expense. I am sure there are those who would say your activities are just a drop in the bucket, and that I am missing the big picture, but the bucket fills up with each drop.

I do think the bigger picture is a disturbing one; you appear to have no loyalty to this Nation. The change you have in mind are un-American. Good Leaders lead by example, Mr. President how can Military or Civilians follow your lead based upon such detached, disregard for our Constitution along with trashing, the traditions of our Nation.

As they serve to protect, May God Bless our military


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  • 1. GoodOleBoy  |  June 27, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    Great post. The terms of engagement that the administration put upon our troops is ludicris and suicidal in some situatuions.Civilians should be protected but in many instances Muslims use them as shields and many of the so called innocent civillians are too often beligerants or aiding them.

  • 2. jacquiefhurlbut  |  June 27, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    And amongst the mayhem are our precious blood and the loss for their families, I am of the warrior mentality ,but if your going to fight a war then fight and use everything you have got until they come to their knees and I don’t mean to pray for Allah. We often forget they started this with 9-11….talk about innocents….(let me know about picture post)


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