“My Middle Name Is Hussein”

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                                      “My middle name is Hussein”

Mr. President you made a statement that some Israelis are suspicious of you because your middle name is Hussein. Mr. President I am suspicious of you, and it has nothing to do with your middle name, it has to do with your behavior, your politics, and your ability to lie to us, and in general your distortion of the facts. You appear to be taking our Nation to near destruction. Some Examples are as follows. They are only the tip of an extremely large iceberg.

Your promise of transparency, in your administration, is a joke of considerable magnitude.

Your commitment to close Guantanamo (I disagree) but so far a failed promise, but it was a cornerstone of your election diatribe.

A request for additional troops for Afghanistan, How many months did it take to make a decision while the war raged on, and you partied,  played golf, and had expensive Date Nights, while our brave Military were under fire and certainly not living the high life.

A Health Bill that neither you nor your Democrat party had any knowledge of the content, and yet you wanted it passed for your ego and social engineering. The lies you told about what the bill contained were blatant.

Your continued blame game. There comes a time when you finally have to take responsibility. Was it not President Truman who said “The Buck Stops Here”?

Spending programs where corruption is becoming public knowledge, programs that will destroy future generations, and turn this Great Country in to a socialist cesspool.

Divisiveness, from the very top of your Administration, (that means you) where the battered term of racism has been rendering hollow, and meaningless.

The Gulf Oil fiasco, was it your intention to use this as a crisis to push through Cap and Trade, or play to your enviro radicals by banishing oil drilling, and cutting thousands of jobs, bringing further disarray to this Nation. Your refusal to accept help from foreign Nations goes against the fact that you are an enthusiastic Global advocate, one can only conclude that you are using the situation to continue you socialistic reform.

Your lack in honoring your Inaugural Oath to protect America and her citizens against intruders. So far, all you have done is PROMISE Troops and sue the State of Arizona. (More waste of the taxpayer’s money)

Each time you stand before the American people, the lack of credibility in the speeches you give, is more evident. The sad part is that each President regardless of his party has the potential to do something praiseworthy, for his or her Nation. So far, in a short duration you have managed to surround yourself with continued corruption, and people who have what appears to be a hatred for America, capitalism and what we stand for, a Shinning Beacon throughout the World.

No Mr. President I do not think it is your middle name that people object to, it is your lack of Character, Your lack of loyalty to our allies, and what appears to be you dislike of America. The majority of Americans object to the ramming of your programs through Congress without regard for the Constitution.

Being an American, I still have great hope for America and all she represents, and pray that in November; all concerned Americans will vote to protect our Constitution and our Country.

May God bless our Troops, and their families, as they serve to protect


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The Pendulum Swings Let the Rhetoric Begin

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