Let the Rhetoric Begin

July 18, 2010 at 7:16 pm Leave a comment

          America I Love You   


We in America are a wondrous people, we have so many attributes, it is difficult to list them all, but as with everything, we have our shortcomings. At this time in history in our great Nation, they, our shortcomings, warrant serious examination. First, we tend to live and let live, a great quality, but one that allows power by those who seek to change our way of life and our Constitution. As we have looked, forward and moved on with our lives, working hard, taking care of our families, and acting in a responsible way. Others and by this, I mean elected officials, corrupt organizations at all levels have forged ahead with an agenda that is un-American, and in doing so have manipulated our way of life.

We have a propensity to forgive and forget, time is a healer, I understand the forgiving, we are a caring people, but I do not think in the environment that we are now confronted with, that we have the luxury of forgetting. Remember politicians have thumbed their noses at their employers, (you) driven our nation into near bankruptcy. They have ignored the support from around the world to contain an oil spill, and outright lied regarding bills that have passed . Organizations that are corrupt from the core have been encouraged to expand on the taxpayer’s dime, becoming a threat to our Constitution. This is not the time to be lulled to sleep; on the contrary, this is the time to become stronger and more vocal. The Sleeping giant has been awakened. Now is the time to go into full battle mode.

Politicians depend on what they perceive as a dumb electorate, who will forgive and forget. Certainly, we have been guilty of the forgetting part. In addition, we will be bombarded, in the next few months, with political advertisements, lies, distortion of facts, rewriting of political history. Millions and millions of dollars will be spent, trying to cover up the facts and make you feel good. Corrupt organizations will join in the diatribe, and do so, using your tax dollar. We must not and cannot be duped into falling for their ploy, which will be Repetition, Repetition, and Repetition. They think if they say it long enough, and loud enough you will buy it, this tactic has worked before so why not now. They will bring out the big guns like Mr. Clinton whose job will be to manipulate the electorate, a task at which he is particularly talented. They will use the Hollywood elite (as if they actually affect your life) they will use fictitious stories and people, as they did in the past election, and smear campaigns will be at their height.

It is up to you Mr. and Mrs. America, do not stand in awe of politicians they are employed by you, paid for with Taxpayer money, with largess benefits that you could only imagine in your wildest dreams. Your vote is precious and powerful, every last one of them. The world is envious that you have this extraordinary privilege. You have a respnsibility to make your vote count. In order to do so,ask, demand answers, confront the elected officials you will be voting for…..yes you saw how many squirmed, and could not handle the town hall meetings. In many instances, politicians treated the constituents with contempt. Politicians many times cannot handle a knowledgeable electorate, after all, they are use to you doing as they demand, and cajole.

We are well aware of all the horrors that have been perpetuated on us, we will not forget, but at this time the onus is to pay more attention to the tasks ahead, dragging if necessary friends, relatives, infirmed, to the polls. Involving ourselves with candidates that deserve our vote, financially supporting (whenever you can) those who love our Nation and our Constitution. Remembering that it is not only the State that you live in that counts but, Senate seats across America. If the Democrats control, they control all committees. As for the House they will control, what can and cannot be brought to the floor. Therefore, America, it is time to give up on the complaining, be on point in your message and go to work.



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