Big Tent Failure

September 20, 2010 at 10:52 pm Leave a comment

By Good Ole Boy/ Jim

The Republican party has for years wanted to be a “Big Tent” party allowing liberals to portray themselves as Republicans. This has caused many to call the party Democrat-Lite. Conservatives have been marginalized and demeaned by the elites in the party. Christy O’Donnell the REPUBLICAN winner of the Delaware US senate primary was savaged by Karl Rove and other Republicans. The attacks were no different than those the Democrats will be soon using and the Democrats got free shots on her compliments of these elitist Republicans.

How has the “Big Tent” worked out? RINO Arlen Spector became a Democrat when his prospects for re-election became slim. He was more of a liberal Democrat than ever a Republican. Spector could only be counted on to side with Republicans half the time.

Charlie Crist another tax and spend RINO after trailing Marco Rubio by 20 points he abandoned the Republican Party and decided to run in the regular US senate election as an Independent.

Lisa Murkowski lost in the US senate Republican primary in Alaska. Like Spector she was half liberal, half conservative 100% RINO and after losing to Tea Party backed, conservative Joe Miller, she decided to be a write in candidate.

Spector, Crist, and Murkowski are willing to split the vote to elect Democrats. Doesn’t look like the “Big Tent” is working out to me.

The only people the Republican party are willing to distance themselves from are real conservatives, backed by the Tea Party without Ivy League degrees.

It is time to change the leadership of the Republican party, they are disconnected from the reality that the people want the conservative values that the Republican party once stood for re-instituted and those calling themselves Republicans to have those values, not half of them.

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