We’re Coming, In Droves

September 28, 2010 at 3:21 pm 1 comment

The coming election is going to be a night to behold. If Nancy and Harry had any brains, they would do everything in their power to push legislation through to cancel November 2010. The out-of-control vitriol and pure hate coming from the left in this nation is a sad and sickening commentary for what the democrat party has become. They say we are to stupid to understand the problems facing America. They say it is racist to speak against the government. They are avoiding any and ALL discussion of their pathetic record,instead seeking to dig up dirt on any who dare oppose them. America is seeing through this smokescreen of lies,deceit and fraud from our political leaders and from the media. The swamp will be drained for them. The message will be loud and clear. There will no mistaking the intent of the voters. The ruling elitists are about to be reminded of the good ole pitchfork days of running their type of debris from office.

We cannot afford to merely be content with the natl. election defeat we are about to deliver to these people. This MUST carry over to city councils,school boards,judges benches and state legislators. The progressive socialist agenda has permeated every aspect of governance in America and has to be weeded out and permanently removed from power of any kind. The left loves to hide behind the very rules they have put in place to protect them and their positions of power. Whether it be tenure,life-time appts. or non-partisan council seats,they have to be exposed,run out into the light of day along with their destructive agendas and shown to be who and what they truly are.

The enemies of freedom,liberty and justice for all are not only hiding overseas from our brave men and women of the US military. They are walking the halls of congress,sitting in their media boardrooms,hiding behind their judges bench while shredding the constitution and infecting every local position they can con their way onto. The enemies of America serve as czars to our current administration,cabinet members and multiple advisor positions that go mostly unnoticed and unannounced by the media and hidden from view. Since our prez. has decided to constantly avoid the vetting process,we need to vet these frauds on every level. These are people who are not merely wrong on the issues and politics,they are intent on destroying the very foundations and cornerstones this great nation was built on. They are not simply misinformed of economic success,they lie about it while promoting proven and constant failure. They do all of this with the blessing of an America media that hails these minds as the greatest to ever serve. The most brilliant to come along in years. These are the very failures that have changed their uniforms for suits and ties,exchanged their party affiliation for something more easily swallowed. They have hijacked a major political party in America and consumed the media conglomerate.

The time to take our country back is upon us.It has to be decisive and overwhelming.It must stagger the very institutions these people have infected. It must make them gasp and flee in utter defeat and humiliation.It must so awaken and intimidate them that they never,ever, seek to show their face in public again or  seek office in this country. They must be made to understand their lies and deception are never going to tolerated or shrugged off again. We will stand guard,we will walk the wall and we will answer the call. We will do all this gladly and without complaint,because we must, and now,maybe more then ever,this nation needs us to.


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  • 1. Patriot Watch  |  October 3, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Nobody is safe. Does not matter what side of the isle you are on the Tea Party will remove you if youre not solid


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