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                 America I Love You

With the  exception of a few  undecided seats, the midterm elections are over. This is not the time to rest on our laurels; luxuriating in a job well done. This is the time to remain vigilant, (please note I did not say vigilante.) The focus has to be on those  newly elected; and those who remained and have not been true to their constituents.

 Many of us have worked on campaigns; others have contributed hard earned money to those running for office, still others have written to elected officials, bringing pressure to bear on maintaining the Constitution. The results have been formidable, an example of the American people at their best.

 The hard work is just beginning, not only in our respective states, but across this great Land. We need to remain constantly vigilant, our thoughts and idea’s need to be made clear to those who now work for us. For starters, I would recommend the following.

 1. All bills must be read on the floors of Congress and posted on the Internet; including any changes. If the member of Congress is not present for the reading, then they do not get to vote. The bills will be brief due to the fact that members of congress do not want to sit around and listen.

 2. All members of congress that draw a salary will have the salary increase capped at the COL as with Social Security recipients. The Social security cap was activated by Congress, so there should  not be problem including Congress and all administration employees under the same guidelines.

 3. The names will be made available of all bureaucrats that write bills, along with their affiliations and how much they were paid for the project. So often these are people we would never vote for regardless of which side of the aisle we support, they are writing bills unread by our Representatives, bills that we are forced to live with.

4. Benefits, such as, lunches, health clubs, auto services and anything that is consider a freebie at the taxpayer expense; will be taxed as ordinary income to those receiving them. These Amounts may seem trivial, and only a drop in the bucket, but the drip, drip, drip, soon fills  the bucket.

 5. Taxes, Congress will be forced to complete their own taxes (a work day evening activity) no outside help. All tax submission will be audited by an independent CPA / IRS. When completed, members of Congress should be made to declare their mistakes and the percentage of tax they pay (not the amount, I could care less) Just the percentage.

 The list goes on and on, if we could get at least 5 to 10 things done each year, along with tackling the big stuff, such as the Health care fiasco, Cap and Trade debacle, Global Warming rip offs, Entitlements. We would at least feel as if we were able to make a dent in this out of control Congress who continue to  behave  like juveniles. It depends on us, call and write your Representatives and Senators, check the bills they are trying to foist off on the taxpayer, demand that they listen to your voice, research how other states are voting, continue to be pro active, and at all times remain VIGILANT.

Thanks to our Military who remain vigilant, as they serve and protect, and to their families. May God Bless You?


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  • 1. paleryder  |  November 18, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Yes,the hard work is just beginning. I see that the reps. in DC have already submitted their proposal to defund npr. If they think that trying to get the agenda pushed through in this lame duck session is going to be enough, and they can come back to us and say they tried,they had better think again. There is no way the dems are going to allow anything that the American public wants, to get through this session. The reps. need to just kill everything the dems try to pass,even if it shuts down the entire government and wait until Americans are back in charge of the peoples house, and then force their agenda down nancys throat. We have no choice but to keep their feet to the fire. It will involve all the lying,whining claims from the socialist party and the communist party but will just have to force feed the truth to them.

    There can be no compromise with the enemies of freedom and honor.,the democrat party. They have proven to all of us that those are words they do not comprehend and most cannot even spell. If we fail now,there will be no coming back to clean up the mess again. We might very well be to far over the edge to fully recover the way it is now. We can no longer accept their premise on the arguments and simply must finally, expose the traitors and treasonous actions and actors of the left in this nation.I, for one,will no longer stand by while the left trashes and lies about the honor and loyalty of our service men and women.Two characteristics the democrats have shown us they have no intention of ever employing.

  • 2. jacquiefhurlbut  |  November 19, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    You are correct, we have to rebutt all the lies from the left……John Podesta, has suggested that The President has everything at his disposal to pass his legislation, including the military??????. where is the outrage.

  • 3. paleryder  |  November 19, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    I saw that ,where both soros and podesta said the military should be used to bring about the progressive agenda. That,maybe more then anything else they have said,is proof just how removed from reality and truth they truly are. I know numbers of military,and they have no intention of turning on the public or obeying any orders that would infringe on the their duties as protectors of this nation or infringe on their oath. These are men and women who actually know what honor,loyalty and justice mean. They take their oath seriously,unlike the sewage in the dem party in DC. The left will be very disappointed if they come to the conclusion that the military is going to used for their political power.


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