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The next Grand Solar Minimum, Cosmic Rays and Earth Changes (an introduction)

This is a real good article and I rebloged it not original content.

Abrupt Earth Changes

What to expect in a Grand Solar Minimum. How does an increase in galactic cosmic rays affect the Earth’s climate and also tectonic activity?

Here is a simplified description of the basic mechanism:

A solar maximum is the period within the 11-year solar cycle of high solar magnetic field and high sunspot count. Sunspots are highly magnetic and visually dark spots or ‘holes’ in the photosphere of the sun, where solar flares can erupt.

A solar minimum is the low activity trough of the 11-year solar cycle (Schwabe Cycle). A Grand Solar Minimum is a period of several successive very low Schwabe Cycles, usually coinciding with phases of climate disruption and long-term cooling. An example is the Maunder Minimum (c. 1645 and 1715) in the coldest phase of the Little Ice Age. The Little Ice Age, from which we have been emerging since c. 1850, was the coldest period of…

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Obama the Deceiver

Is Obama the man you think he is? The mainstream media is in his pocket and isn’t about to let you know the truth.

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Obama’s Classified Leaks

The recent leaks of classified materials of which many have been attributed to have certainly come from the White House, have all caused far reaching consequences for our country. They have the stink of being leaked for political reasons, to make Obama look good. Does anyone really think Holders DOJ lawyers will really look for who leaked them when all evidence points to his boss? The calls for a special prosecutor have went nowhere.

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The Biggest Scam in History – Global Warming

By Good Ole Boy / Jim

Every now and then you still hear someone in the media bring up Global Warming while our climate is cooling. Even some of the former global warming people are coming out and saying we are going into a cooling phase, usually with the caveat that it would be cooler if not for global warming. None as of yet have said the whole concept of global warming was a hoax that was all about power and money as it was. None will say it’s chief proponent Al Gore profited handsomely for his efforts. He is a bigger criminal than Bernie Maddoff and may someday share a cell with him.

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Wisconsin in Perspective

By Good Ole Boy/ Jim

The recent national attention on the Wisconsin legislature and Governor often showed them as bad guys out to destroy families. Many of the Democratic Wisconsin legislators fled to Illinois to keep any of those poor state employees to lose anything, most likely not out of any pity in their hearts but fear of losing their seats in the government. A friend in Peoria gave me some re-prints from the Illinois Tax Payers Association that show what Wisconsin and Illinois have in common, Democratic controlled governments and out of control state pensions that all the taxpayers pay for, but few can match as few have pensions in today’s world.

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Are We Being Snookered

In the most recent of days, we learn that AOL and the Huffington Post have joined forces to the tune of 313 million dollars paid to the Huffington Post, and additional Millions to Arianna herself, plus Arianna Huffington is to take a leading role in the AOL hierarchy.
I question Arianna’s real role, Is it truly a metamorphism from ultra Conservative activist, to a left wing dissident mogul or is it all in the name of Entrepreneurism. One expects that many people, in their youth (not all) vacillating from one position to another, it is part and parcel of maturing, but Arianna was no spring Chicken when she changed sides. I do not believe anyone could accept her statement that the right had fooled, blinded, and bamboozled her. Her long history of involvement from her Cambridge days forward, would contradict those statements unless she could claim stupidity ….Which I seriously doubt.

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