I’m devoted to uncover and expose the plethora of lies told by the current administration to get elected “For CHANGE We Can Believe In.” The “Lame Stream” media had been bought and paid for by Obama’s campaign. The ignorant voters who elected him will leave us with a Government if the ultra lefties, Marxists, socialists, communists, Maoists and fascists who pose as protectors of the Constitution, don’t get run out of office. Obama and his Czars are shredding the Constitution. Some people are too ignorant to vote. The past election proved it. To quote Obama, “You can judge me by the quality of people with whom I surrounds myself.” He’s right! I begin with an expose of the Czars. Virtually none with any experience in the private sector, <10% but well versed in socialist, Marxist, and communist ideology like the “Resident in Thief”

visit DancingCzars


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