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National ID: The Time to Resist is Now

submitted by DancingCzars
I‘m in no way an advocate of the Government having the ability to monitor U.S. citizens with the card in question. As the article clearly states below, we are already being monitored and tracked: through our Social Security numbers, bank accounts, purchases and electronic transactions; by way of our correspondence and communications devices – email, phone calls and mobile phones; through chips implanted in our vehicles, identification documents, even our clothing.

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Prohibition Against Hawaii Firearm Seizure

submitted by hepsy
Hawaii Senate passses Prohibition against seizure of firearms, twenty-one to nothing.
All we need now is for the Governor to sign.

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Another Lie

By Good Ole Boy/Jim
Tea party attendees have endured all kinds of insults and Democratic congressmen have said they were spit on and insulted with absolutely no evidence it happened. Now they are lying about the Drudge Report. They are saying it has spread viruses among those in the Senates staff and to avoid the site. There is absolutely no proof this claim is true. They just don’t like anyone seeing the news that the Drudge Report shows them.

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Drill Baby, Drill and Obama’s Deceit

Submitted By Good Ole Boy/Jim
Obama has recently stated he would open up parts of the U.S. Atlantic coast, Alaska and possibly offshore Florida. Russia is already drilling off the Cuban coast and China is too. They both have dismal records on ecological nightmares in their countries. That U.S. drillers are safer than them is not even debatable. Obama is not giving up anything by drilling in those areas. He fails to open the most promising areas.

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Run Away, Run Away

By Good Ole Boy/Jim
What do liberals do when their lies are pointed out to them? Many start by going over talking points that have nothing to do with the issue like Obama but if you are Phil Hare you run away like a child. This is the congressman who said he didn’t worry about the Constitution and then tried quoting it only to be told it was the Declaration of Independence which he didn’t care about either.

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Lawyer Jokes- Submit your Own

Submitted By Good Ole Boy/Jim
Here are a few lawyer jokes, leave a few good ones yourself.

Having just moved to a new home, a young boy meets the boy next door. “Hi, my name is Billy,” he says, “what’s yours?”
“Tommy,” replied the other.
“My daddy’s an accountant,” says Billy. “What does your daddy do?”
“He’s a lawyer,” Tommy answers.
“Honest?” says Billy.
“No, just the regular kind.”

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Slandering the Founders

By Good Ole Boy/Jim
When you ask a school age child about the Founding Fathers or liberals about them you invariably hear about them owning slaves. This is a concerted effort to belittle and demean them. The liberals are fearful of the people reading the writings of the Founders, there are many of their quotations that warn us of the current dangers of today’s liberal agenda. Not all of the founders even were in slave states but they are lumped in too. Socialism/ Communism has killed untold millions but liberals ignore that fact but vilify the founders because some owned slaves.

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