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Memorial Day

By Jacquie
There are Twenty Four United States Military Cemeteries on foreign soil that are the final resting places for our precious blood. Of course, not included are the unmarked graves of those buried where they fell, along with many more lost at sea, and those who rest in our homeland. We cannot forget


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Lady Liberty

by Jacquie May 24, 2010

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Foreign Criticism

Foreign Criticism
More than disturbing is the Democrat’s embracing of foreign criticism in the White House, and the Halls of Congress.

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Stupidity Incarnate

Submitted by Good Ole Boy/Jim from an Email from a friendĀ 

You will probably say OMG whileĀ listening this video. It is an undeniable reason some people should not be allowed to vote or procreate. You can also get very good odds if she voted it was for Obama. Is she part of the Democratic base?

May 18, 2010 at 10:41 pm 2 comments

Coarsness in Debate

by Jacquie
We have seen and heard the leader of the Senate, Mr. Reid call a sitting president a Liar.Too often members of this Administration use foul language to bully those who oppose them, and spew rhetoric that is blatent thuggery.

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The Next President?

submitted by GoodOleBoy
Chris Christie is turning out to be a new star in the Republican party. A star unlike any seen in a long time. He is for smaller government, lower taxes and cutting costs in government. In the video he gives a reporter a well deserved dressing down.

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A Presidency Unraveling ?

By Good Ole Boy/Jim
The news that Obama has a Connecticut Social Security Card is adding to the overwhelming evidence there is something rotten going on. With the Democrats in control of Congress there is a minute chance of any investigations of this. Obama could kill someone on live TV and no doubt get away with it.

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