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Rick Perry the RINO at Best

Rick Perry is a RINO at best or very likely another Bilderberg anointed candidate as was Obama and we know how that is working out. Also he seems to be a politician of convenience, with no real Conservative convictions. What he is not is a REAL Conservative. How and why some Tea Party people are supporting him is beyond me as he is counter to nearly all that the Tea Party stands for at least in deeds. What he is saying is another matter. For his actual deeds InfoWars has itemized 14 as seen below.

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Stalin and Obama – Bosom Buddies

by Good Ole Boy/Jim

If Obama were able to get some of his Kenyan kin get a witch doctor to bring back Joseph and have him hit the campaign trail for Obama and the Democrats. Here is a preview of the first for the 2012 campaign season.

August 28, 2011 at 10:18 pm 1 comment

The Biggest Scam in History – Global Warming

By Good Ole Boy / Jim

Every now and then you still hear someone in the media bring up Global Warming while our climate is cooling. Even some of the former global warming people are coming out and saying we are going into a cooling phase, usually with the caveat that it would be cooler if not for global warming. None as of yet have said the whole concept of global warming was a hoax that was all about power and money as it was. None will say it’s chief proponent Al Gore profited handsomely for his efforts. He is a bigger criminal than Bernie Maddoff and may someday share a cell with him.

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