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The Libertarian Mistake About National Security.

The Founding Fathers were very adept at seeing problems that could befall our country. They could not possibly be blamed for not envisioning transcontinental missiles, dirty bombs, bio weapons, and other weapons of mass destruction. These weapons can easily cross into our borders from nations half way across the globe in minutes or hours. Libertarians cling to the Founders on an issue the Founders had no way of knowing would come to pass.

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Green Pig Shipped to China

The Porkulus bill is turning into the biggest waste of money ever spent by congress and the Obama administration. The Stimulus bill was mainly political paybacks and pork. The administration gave wildly differing numbers of jobs created with some jobs listed by zip codes that did not exist.

It has been found that jobs created cost per job at rates from $250,000 – $650,000. The money spent would have been better spent in tax cuts to business and individuals. But Democrats react to tax cuts like Dracula does to sunlight. They would rather waste your money than let you decide where it should go.

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The Superbowl of Wasting Taxper’s Money

The government figured out another way to waste taxpayer money. With a out of control national debt, 2.5 Million for Superbowl commercials is only a drop in the bucket, but why spend the money in such a stupid way?

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Deja Vu of Massachusetts in Illinois

The primary in Illinois came out with liberal RINO Mark Kirk as the Republican contender for the US Senate. The situation is identical to the Massachusetts election of Brown. The RNC endorsed Kirk and he outspent all the other Republicans. The only difference from Massachusetts is Illinois is not as heavily Democratic. A conservative is running as an Independent just as Brown did.

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