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Ebola Facts

By Jim/GoodOleBoy

Ebola can be spread by blood, sweat, and saliva. I would believe mucous also. A sneeze can propel saliva and mucus over 20 feet. A cough can propel saliva and mucous 5-6 feet. Nurses and doctors in full (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment have contracted Ebola. It is unknown how this occurred.
European countries have stopped flights from those areas with Ebola outbreaks. This will certainty mean more from those countries will be coming to the USA. Presently a temperature is taken before the flight and after. The incubation period is 21 or more days. This will allow those infected up to 20 days to spread Ebola. It is almost a certainty that there could be a large outbreak due to the CDC and Obama not enforcing a quarantine or better yet, a ban on flights or connecting flights.
The big question in my mind is, are there people in the Obama administration that are so evil as to want an Ebola epidemic in our country?

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