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We’re Coming, In Droves

America is seeing through this smokescreen of lies,deceit and fraud from our political leaders and from the media. The swamp will be drained for them. The message will be loud and clear. There will no mistaking the intent of the voters. The ruling elitists are about to be reminded of the good ole pitchfork days of running their type of debris from office.

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No Longer Made in the USA

By Good Ole Boy/ Jim

Made in the USA, you once saw that on your clothes, appliances, TV, housewares and nearly everything you bought. Now it is a rarity. It once stood for quality, quality that was never lost, just moved out of country and then lost on many of the things we use in our daily lives. Millions of mostly good paying jobs were lost also.

The quality of clothes has taken a nosedive. I have shirts from 25 years ago that are American made and have been worn that long and are still in good shape. Those made in various Asian countries seem to have a lifespan not much longer than milk lasts in the refrigerator. Speaking of refrigerators, I also have one from I don’t know when, but is rounded on top and still is cold and has been running for at least 30 years for me with no signs of giving up. You might of seen one of them, American made.

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Big Tent Failure

By Good Ole Boy/ Jim

The Republican party has for years wanted to be a “Big Tent” party allowing liberals to portray themselves as Republicans. This has caused many to call the party Democrat-Lite. Conservatives have been marginalized and demeaned by the elites in the party. Christy O’Donnell the REPUBLICAN winner of the Delaware US senate primary was savaged by Karl Rove and other Republicans. The attacks were no different than those the Democrats will be soon using and the Democrats got free shots on her compliments of these elitist Republicans.

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O’Donnell or a Marxist

By Good Ole Boy/ Jim

The recent news Christine O’Donnell “dabbled ” in witchcraft in her youth is meant to diminish her chances of her winning. It would be expected that those attacking her to be liberals and their lapdog the media, but no it is Republicans. Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer and a few others. Do they want the self proclaimed Marxist Chris Coons to win?

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The Demise of the Republican Party?

By Good Ole Boy/ Jim

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has backed RINO’s that were as liberal as Pelosi on most issues, Mark Kirk and Mike Castle chief among them. They ignored qualified conservatives in the Illinois primary and denigrated Tea Party backed candidates in other races. Reagan wouldn’t of ever thought of backing these liberal RINOs. The leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC) is the driving force for the NRSC. Major changes need to be made in the NRSC and RNC or a third party for conservatives may arise leaving the Republican Party to wither away.

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By Good Ole Boy/ Jim

The Founders crafted a system of government that left no branch stronger than the others with a system of checks and balances. This has worked with minor glitches for 200 years. Same party majorities in the house and senate have given presidents a much easier time in passing bills that they see as needed. Restraint on presidents from overstepping his constitutional bounds were seen as a congressional duty even when the president enjoyed a majority held congress. A good portion of our countries history the voters balanced the system by electing a president from the party with a minority stake in the congress which ensured restraint.

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The New Caliphate

The coming of a new “savior” for the muslim world is one thing the Islamic radicals have sought to hasten for quite sometime. It appears some feel they have found their guy. One to unite the muslim world and bring all the ongoing battles to an end. Recently, there has been a call for that man to finally accept his role,his position, and make himself known to the world. A Pakistani government minister has made the call,urged the muslim world to demand and spread this call.

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