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Obama’s State of the Union

Obama’s State of the Union address started out looking like he was going to moderate his stance with a few pledges on helping the middle class. This would be his attempt to sway voters in the November elections. I was starting to worry because the average voter has the memory of a rock. But farther on he couldn’t help but to slip back to his leftist agenda.

I lost all apprehension that the voters would be fooled. The liberals in congress and president will be pushing obamacare, Cap and Trade and doubtless amnesty for illegal aliens in the coming months. The Republican landslide is still on track. If we can only get conservative Republicans and not RINOs to win in the primaries the nation might be saved.

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Why I’m Not Going to Watch Obama’s State of The Union Address

-by DancingCzars

None of his promises will ultimately be kept because he follows no economic model that has ever led to prosperity. He and his supporters are all about taxing us on virtually everything. Remember the promise of not a penny of new taxes for families making under $300,000? Just one of many lies. Apparently he and his administration are completely unaware of the fact that no country in history has ever taxed itself into prosperity.

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Liberals Claim to Know Something

After watching the Sunday political TV shows I have the distinct feeling the liberals still don’t get it. When they talk about the Tea Party movement instead of belittling it they say they know what it was about and who are the people in it. They are wrong on both counts.

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Reformed Democrats?

Could the election of Scott Brown have negative effects for Republicans in the fall 2010 elections? Democrats have all of a sudden gotten religion as far as realizing their political futures were in doubt. They are acting like they are now hearing the voters. Health Care reform will now be bipartisan. The current bills may be scrapped and started anew.

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Battle for US – a flip for the House from Hawaii

-by Linda Butts

If they had been paying attention, the party of hope and change would have seen how miserably they were failing the people they were forgetting to hear, the people whose voice they were forgetting to present while assembled in Congress. That true blue state was blue from asphyxiation: blue, the color of the Democratic Party.

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Democrats- Vote and Vote Again and Again

Lying, cheating, stealing is what the Democrats are about in elections now days. Ed Schultz of MSNBC had this to say about the Massachusetts Senate race with Scott Brown leading in the polls “

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Quite a narrative of what happened on this flight with 11 Muslim men…
This is unbelievable. The article in the below link does not indicate in the least what really happened.

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