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I Want You

BY Libertyandvirtue
Happy 4th of July.
Enjoy our celebration, and with your love and patrotism we will enjoy many,many, more birthdays
Uncle Sam.


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Elena Kagan by the Letters

By Good Ole Boy/ Jim

Obama has nominated Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court and is now in the confirmation process. There is little known about many of the issues that could come before her on the court and how she would vote, but what is out there is disturbing. She is not a moderate like the press and Democrats are saying. She is far left of moderate. Many are saying she is a shoe in for confirmation. We can not have another justice that legislates from the bench and spits on the Constitution and that is what she will do.

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Change…Is this it

Change …Is this it
By Liberty and Virtue
I do think the bigger picture is a disturbing one; you appear to have no loyalty to this Nation. The change you have in mind is un-American. Good Leaders lead by example, Mr. President how can Military or Civilians follow your lead based upon such detached, disregard for our Constitution along with trashing, the traditions of our Nation.

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Pollution of Words and Control of the Citizen

Submitted By Liberty and Virtue

Progressive: Interpretation, Interested in new ideas, findings or opportunities, and yet the left wing/ Democrats, when using this term, spout regressive dogma based upon socialism, and regurgitate known failed policies.

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American Working in Mexico

From an Email from an old and good friend friend Don Submitted by Good Ole Boy / Jim

Before any more ‘outrage’ at the Arizona law . . .
read what it’s like from the other side of the fence…

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Paypal and Business Stupidity

By Good Ole Boy/ Jim
Businesses, the media, and celebrities have been increasingly becoming outwardly politically vocal. Most all are coming out on the left and many try to stifle free speech which is odd since they have always been ready to scream their first amendment rights were being stifled. Paypal jumped on the political bandwagon of the left recently after saying Atlas Shrugs is a hate site and stating they were going to take away their Paypal donation ability.

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Flag Day She is a Grand Old Flag

Flag Day She is a Grand Old Flag
Posted By
I thank God we still have the freedom to do each of these. I would venture to say that those who criticize our flag,…. or have a poor image of America do so with an enviable mind set. Many of them strive to emulate our quality of life, arriving for Medical care, Education, Business opportunities, Entertainment and good old American know how. Of course, there are those who live here who are embarrassed, and feel guilty of America’s success and our stature in the world. I would suggest they leave.

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